Trippin’ With Crank – Episode 1 – Alexandria To Boise

Trippin’ With Crank – Episode 1 – Alexandria To Boise
Get Off Our Lawn

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Welcome to “Trippin’ With Crank”

The podcast where the intrepid long-haul trucker Crank Ironsides shares his trip diaries with you, the listener.

Travel with him as he explores the lonely highways and exciting truck stops and hell, you might even learn a thing or two about this honored profession.

Sit back, stay awhile and relax.  We’re all TRIPPIN’ WITH CRANK!

Episode 1 – Alexandria to Boise

Music for this episode is brought to you by DJ Schmolli
Rock of Ages (Mash-Up)

Reminder on how to find Crank —
Web –
Email –

Audio clips sourced from – mixed with original works of the podcast creators

Including –
Desert At Night – kangaroovindaloo
Wolf Howl – btalbot
Blues Guitar Intro – bangcorrupt

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