Episode 79 – Much Ado About Nothing

Episode 79 – Much Ado About Nothing
Get Off Our Lawn

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Welcome to “Get Off Our Lawn”
The podcast NOT for you, but for us. 
This is our outlet for sharing how we’re remaining relevant as we journey through our collective mid-life crises.
So we ask — Please help us…but don’t expect us to help you.

Extra Life, no more Grinkers, blah blah blah…

Music for this episode is brought to you by Rhythm Scholar & Apollo Zero
Talking Heads – Burning Down The House (Rhythm Scholar & Apollo Zero)
Reminder on how to find us —
Twitch- twitch.tv/goolawn
Web – www.goolawn.com
Twitter – @GooLawn
Facebook – @GooLawnCrew
Email – GooLawn@Outlook.com
Voice Mail – 484-GOO-LAWN  <OR> 484-466-5296

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