Episode 35 – Minus One

Episode 35 – Minus One
Get Off Our Lawn

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Welcome to “Get Off Our Lawn” the podcast NOT for you.
This is a podcast for us.  …and if you look at our current live audience, that’s readily apparent.
This is our group therapy as we share how we’re remaining relevant with each other as we journey through our collective mid-life crises.
Please help us…but don’t expect us to help you.

Witty Banter Segment
There is banter.  It is witty.

Show & Tell Segment
E-Prime is off Indiana Jonesing
Trace shares about a new Netflix season and reminisces about games of old
Jed has a birthday!
Erik shares about legacy of rogues, pixelated FMV, and finally tipping his hat to the new Mario

Advice & Feedback Segment
A somewhat cryptic voicemail is received!

Music for this episode is brought to you by DJ Clive$ter.
Pump Up The Convoy – Mash-up C.W. McCall vs MARRS

Reminder on how to find us —
Mixer – www.mixer.com/goolawn
Web – www.goolawn.com
Twitter – @GooLawn
Facebook – www.facebook.com/OFFLAWN
Email – GooLawn@Outlook.com
Voice Mail – 484-GOO-LAWN  <OR> 484-466-5296

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