Episode 30 – Used Hotdogs & Donuts

Episode 30 – Used Hotdogs & Donuts
Get Off Our Lawn

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Introduction of Hosts

Explanation of the podcast
Welcome to “Get Off Our Lawn” the podcast NOT for you.

This is a podcast for us.  …and if you look at our current live audience, that’s readily apparent.

This is our group therapy as we share how we’re remaining relevant with each other as we journey through our collective mid-life crises.

Please help us…but don’t expect us to help you.

Witty Banter Segment
We discuss our long break and the desire to re-kick off GooLawn GameClub.

Show & Tell Segment
Trace watches stuff, Eric plays some Battlefront 2 on his new TV, Jed regales tales of fighting with Apple, and special guest Kien can’t hold his booze.  Erik shares a bit about Rogue-Likes and how SuperHot VR gaming was during the holidays

Advice & Feedback Segment
None this week!

Music – Anti-Social Butterfly – Blue Helix

Reminder on how to find us —
Mixer – www.mixer.com/goolawn
Web – www.goolawn.com
Twitter – @GooLawn
Facebook – www.facebook.com/OFFLAWN
Email – GooLawn@Outlook.com
Voice Mail – 484-GOO-LAWN  <OR> 484-466-5296

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