Episode 22 – The Intervention

Episode 22 – The Intervention
Get Off Our Lawn

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Introduction of Hosts

Explanation of the podcast

Welcome to “Get Off Our Lawn” the podcast NOT for you.

This is a podcast for us.  …and if you look at our current live audience, that’s readily apparent.

This is our group therapy as we share how we’re remaining relevant with each other as we journey through our collective mid-life crises.

Please help us…but don’t expect us to help you.

Witty Banter Segment

There is banter.  It is witty.  So witty.

Show & Tell Segment

Trace takes the train to relevance town
E-Prime dives back into No Man’s Sky
Jed finds a domicile and plays Disney Infinity
Erik blacks out and does not much else

Advice & Feedback Segment

We have a call this week!  It’s not good…not good at all We needed an intervention.  Baby steps, but we will seek to stretch…

Trace — Finally go to Hop Jacks with a stop at Dick’s to explore fly fishing
E-Prime – Goes on another hike, but seeks to surprise us by doing something retro
Jed — Will build a Retro Pie
Erik — Will finalize the interview plans for Blue Helix as well as get a draft of the 2nd chapter to “50 Shades of Nell”


Musical credits for this episode’s track

“Drop It Like It’s A Whole Lott ” – Led Snoopelin – Led Zeppelin and Snoop Dog MashUp by Party Ben

Reminder on how to find us —

Mixer – www.mixer.com/goolawn
Web – www.goolawn.com
Twitter – @GooLawn
Facebook – www.facebook.com/OFFLAWN
Email – GooLawn@Outlook.com
Voice Mail – 484-GOO-LAWN  <OR> 484-466-5296

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