Episode 1 – Belts Askew

Episode 1 – Belts Askew
Get Off Our Lawn

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Introduction of Hosts

Witty Banter Segment

Explanation of the podcast

“Get Off Our Lawn” is not a podcast for you.

It’s a podcast for us.

This is podcast where a bunch of Gen-X’ers are helping each other through our mid-life crises.

We are sharing what each of us are doing to remain relevant as we try mightily to avoid becoming our parents.

We will challenge each other to stay current, do new things, avoid the pratfalls of growing old.

It’s group therapy.

If along the way you have a question or some guidance — please ask and please share.

We won’t promise to have all the answers

…but we do promise it’s probably a bad idea to take any of our advice

Show & Tell Segment

  • Trace leads us off with tales of daring belts and Star Wars
  • Jed reveals that he’s afraid of Snap Twitter Chatting
  • Eric (Prime) shares his favorite recipe
  • Erik talks about at least One Man’s Sky and VR
  • Eric (Prime) gets the weekly challenge -“Try a new food and/or drink”

    Advice & Feedback Segment

We get our first voicemail!  – It’s about Belts!

“News We Can Use” Segment

  • MOAR Netflix on your phone
  • New music, new movies, new games


Musical credits for this episode’s tracks
“Empty Eyes” provided by the band Numbers a friend of the show Kyle Bishop



Reminder on how to find us —

Web – www.goolawn.com
Twitter – @GooLawn
Facebook – www.facebook.com/OFFLAWN
Email – GooLawn@Outlook.com
Voice Mail – 484-GOO-LAWN  <OR> 484-466-5296

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